International Debt Collection

International Debt Collection

UK, Europe, Rest of the World. Debt Collection Liverpool can recover debts from 83 countries.

Every one of our trusted member firms have a proven track record of successfully recovering monies on an International basis.

The service we provide is is accessible to both UK and international based organisations with debt collection requirements across the globe. Our member firms operate across 83 Countries from Argentina to Zaire.

Are you selling products or services on credit terms? It’s extremely likely you will have experienced the frustration caused by late invoices or no payment at all.

International Debt Collection Liverpool

Chasing these invoices that haven’t been paid can have an extremely counter-productive effect and it’s important to remember that time is very much money. Negotiating the recovery of international debt in a foreign language can also prove highly difficult.

Time zone differences can produce additional obstacles as well as the uncertainties of authority should court action be necessary for the recovery of the debt.

Key International Debt Collection Benefits

  • A ‘Fixed Fee – No Hidden Cost’ Debt Collection Service
  • Low Commission Rates & High Levels of professionalism
  • ISO9001 Accredited & Members of the Credit Services Association
  • Regular update reports and/or On Line Account Access
  • High Recovery & Success rates

At International Debt Collection Liverpool, we can recommend trusted businesses that have experience with successfully recovering debt from across the globe with a service that has both time and cost benefits to you!.

In the difficulty of today’s economic climate, a much more targeted, strategic and intelligent method to recovering debts is required to maximise the potential of a strong and successful recovery of your money.

Our goal is to evaluate, negotiate and craft the outlook within which headache debt solutions can be successfully dealt with by:

  • Maximizing cash flow
  • Reduce financing costs
  • Maintaining debtor goodwill and commercial trading relationships
  • Provision of an expedient and cost effective solution

Featured International Debt Collection Agency Partner

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Frontline Collection’s network of dedicated International Debt Collection Professionals ensures they have the capability to collect monies anywhere.

Where necessary, they can also enforce Legal Action on your behalf to ensure all is done to get your money back as quickly as possible using the appropriate and most effective means of collecting outstanding bad debt.