Tenant Eviction Service

Tenant Credit Checks

Find out just who exactly you are renting your property to. Be Sure – Be Tenant-sure.

The pre-screening of tenants is among one of the most important tasks a landlord will have to perform prior to a new tenant taking up occupancy. A difficult non-paying tenant can potentially cost you thousands of pounds in unpaid rental and legal fees.

Tenantsure, our trusted tenant screening provider, offers an affordable and expedient checking service on tenants that can be used on an ad-hoc basis whenever and wherever you need it.

Tenant Eviction Service

Millions of pounds of rent go unpaid every year in the UK and since the recession, the situation has worsened significantly in the last couple of years.

An estimated 95% plus of landlords problems can be eliminated through a safe screening process and selection of tenants. Tenantsure provides a trusted service to assist you at a price that’s right.

Tenant Eviction Service – What Our Partners Offer

  • Tenant ID Verification
  • Bankruptcy & IVA Search
  • Search for CCJ’s, Enforcement Orders etc
  • Verify previous addresses
  • Provides Peace of Mind

When properties become vacant, Landlords are always anxious and will try to fill the vacancy as quickly as possible. They do this to potentially maximise profitability of the property, but in their state of anxiety forget that no tenant at all is 100x better than a bad one!

Problematic tenants can take up to on average around 3/4 months to evict. The actual eviction process can cost anywhere up to £4,000+ which is a cost you should not have to deal with.

Visit www.tenant-sure.co.uk today to see how TenantSure can help! It pays to be sure, it pays to be Tenantsure

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Tenantsure can help secure possession of your property quickly. Their Simple Low-Cost Tenant Eviction service delivers results. They specialise in dealing with Fast Tenant Evictions. Their simple 4 step Tenant eviction service is Pay-As-You-Go

Tenantsure is a Professional and DIrect Tenant Eviction service. Non paying Tenants is a problem no Landlord wants. Their service is designed to keep things simple.